Our Mission

Latino Mission Society

LATINO Mission Society began in 2005 when Pastor Gregory Lorenz joined forces with other Lutheran churches in Southwest Detroit in order to serve the Hispanic People of Mexican Town, Detroit, Michigan.  Through the years it has been a vehicle of outreach for this concentrated area, through the former West Bethlehem Lutheran Church building and the congregation meeting there weekly called Pan De Vida.  There was also activity with English classes Northeast of Detroit.

Pastor Gregory Lorenz was the Executive Director of LATINO Mission Society (LMS) until he recently took a call to serve as Pastor of a church in Texas. Upon his relocation he, the LMS board of directors, and the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod agreed and voted to appoint Samuel Orozco as the new Executive Director LATINO Mission Society.

The LMS headquarters is now in an area North of Lansing in order to begin the larger vision of reaching Hispanic people in the farming communities, who are often over-looked and under-served. 

There is a clear vision to build LMS into a Mission Society that ministers to Hispanic people throughout the entire State of Michigan, not just in major cities, where often there is outreach activity already present. It is our goal to create, encourage & develop Hispanic Ministry throughout Michigan. The following three ways will bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these communities of Hispanics:

Help them navigate a foreign culture (Cultura)​

  1. Starting with English Classes using the Biblical curriculum that Sam developed while in Paraguay.
  2. Growing into classes in banking,  meeting medical and health needs, dealing with the legal system and patriotizing as legal United States citizens.

Connecting them to each other (Communidad)

  1. Starting with inviting them to meals in our home that bring them together in a setting where they can begin to connect with each other and build relationships.
  2. Growing into intentional celebrations in the community (birthdays, etc), creating sports teams/events, after-school programs, and keeping them connected with their families back in their home country.

Connecting them to Jesus (Cristo)

  1. Starting with Bible Studies in our home for groups of men and women.
  2. Growing into worship, prayer groups, servant events, counseling and connecting them to a local church for Word and Sacrament.