Latino Mission Society

About Us

Our names are Samuel and Brooke Orozco (nee Rossow), and we are happy to greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In 2011, we were called to be lay-missionaries by the Lutheran Church of Paraguay, South America through Global Lutheran Outreach. We prepared, packed and began our work there in January, 2012. We completed our 2-year commitment in mid-December, 2013. The Lord has used this experience to equip each of us in many ways, and now we are back in the United States, ready to use what we have learned to reach out to the Hispanic communities in Michigan.

Pastor Lorenz, former Executive Director of LMS, recently took a call to serve as Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in McAllen, Texas. Many are grateful for his faithful service to the greater Detroit area. Upon his relocation he, the LMS Board of Directors, and the Michigan District of the LCMS agreed and voted to appoint Samuel Orozco as the new Executive Director of the LATINO Mission Society.

During this season of Thanksgiving, we are especially thankful for you and your prayers and/or financial support of LATINO Mission Society (LMS). Please read on to discover how God is using this vehicle to expand Hispanic Ministry in the State of Michigan.

There are concentrated communities of Hispanic people all over the United States, and plenty of migrant workers who have made their way up to Michigan and settled there, finding work between the seasons at dairy farms or other employment.

Most major cities in Michigan have begun to minister to these specific people-groups.

However, outside of the “reach” of these ministries we find communities that have been overlooked. Living just beyond the major cities are groups of Hispanics who are unconnected, under-served, and continuing life without the love of Jesus Christ.

When we met with a dairy farmer and his wife in Fowler, just north of Lansing, where we recently settled, they said that Hispanics there are often “isolated because of their lack of communication skills.”

God has directed us in a clear vision to build LMS into a Mission Society that creates, encourages & develops Hispanic Ministry throughout Michigan.

Upon Pastor Lorenz’s move in July, the people of Pan de Vida, the congregation that was worshipping in the former West Bethlehem Lutheran Church facility, decided it was not financially wise to continue in that building, which was owned by LMS. It is a beautiful building; the work that was put into it by many of you, as well as donations towards the building directly have contributed to its sale and further use by its new owners. The building is now full of life; it is being rented to several churches, political groups and even a movie has been filmed there. The vision for the former West Bethlehem facility to become a strong place in its community is being realized. Pan de Vida is now worshipping with Pastor Ed Morales at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Detroit.

Because of your care and investment in that building, the proceeds from its sale will be used to re-establish the original vision of a State-wide ministry through LMS.

We hope and pray you are excited along with us to see how God’s plans are unfolding, and how it is certainly “beyond anything we could ask or imagine.”

We look forward to continuing to develop Hispanic Ministry as you partner with us to reach the overlooked, unconnected and under-served.

In Jesus, The Orozco Family: Samuel, Brooke, Lucie, Karolein and Micah